International Programme on Migration, Trauma and Self-Care

Uluslararası Sempozyum: Göç, Travma ve Öz-bakım

In 18th of April 2019 an international symposium on migration, trauma and self-care will take place at Maltepe University Süha Arın Conference Hall.

The mental health consequences of aggression and traumatic life events are well documented in the international literature. The Lancet Mental Health Series identify depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, psychotic disorders, alcohol and substance-abuse disorders as urgent international mental health priorities. The One Billion Project led by Harvard University illustrates how more than one billion persons are affected by violence and trauma in the 21st Century. The proposed International programme on Migration, Trauma and Self-Care covers the pillars of global mental health and recovery. The programme is intended for professionals (and anyone) and graduate students with an interest in working with traumatized populations including refugees and traumatized children.

The programme has two main purposes. 1. To provide the latest state-of-the-art updates on the clinical and theoretical frameworks used to address the intersections between migration, trauma and recovery. 2. To provide a self-care environment in which professionals (and others who work with or are interested in working) with traumatized populations reflect on their own practices and knowledge within the context of self-care. Throughout the course, trauma and mental health recovery will be discussed in the following holistic perspectives:

• Migration and Mental Health Models
• Self-Context and Self-Care
• Resilience and Endurance Models
• Human Rights Framework
• Transformational Growth
• Compassion Fatigue

Key Learning Objectives:

• Developing a comprehensive and multi-disciplinary understanding of the intersections between migration, trauma and recovery
• Appreciating and formulating an individualized self-care environment to offset work induced distress
• Awareness of the implications of working in challenging environments for self-care

İlgini çekebilir:  Paylaşılan Travma ve Kayıplar: Bireysel ve Toplumsal Yansımaları

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For registration and further information contact:

Registration Fee: 100 Turkish Lira
Registration Fee (student): 60 Turkish Lira

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18 Eki 2021


09:30 - 17:30



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Daha Fazla Oku


Uzm. Dr. Seven Kaptan



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